The relationship between horse and owner is unique.
Don’t let time slip away without capturing the image of your equine companion.
About the Artist

My passion is the sport of riding and photography.

Capturing horses in art is my way of documenting their lives.
Their quiet strength and gentle eye juxtaposed with wildness, power and speed, draws me to them.

Please visit William Fox-Pitt’s web site and you’ll see some images I have been able to provide for their team (along with other photographers) of Seacookie, Cool Mountain, Chili Morning and Bay My Hero.

You can find me on Facebook – Margie Shoop Equestrian
Photography. I am available to go on-site and do unique custom portraits of your horse.

I have images at the University of Findlay, English campus, and on their web site.

My images are in private homes from New York to California. I hope you enjoy seeing my images and the horses unique spirit!

I have work featured in new build homes. See the selection of images for homes on Houzz.

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